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Finals Day.2012

Competition Sec Finals Report
A Lovely sunny sky greeted our first day of finals on Saturday, and the green was lit up just as bright by the bowling of our finalists.

Final By Final:
Men’s 2 wood singles

Matthew Hewitt won the final in fine style. Rusty never seemed to get going and was ‘put to the sword’ by a rampant Matt. Some very impressive bowling by Matt never let Rusty get back into the game. The final score 21-6
Ladies Pairs

A very close game for a long way this one 10 all at 14 ends. It really did look that it could go either way. Then up stepped Sue Hedinburgh and she ditched the jack with her 2nd wood on consecutive ends. Her live woods being almost unbeatable in the ditch and helped to bring in 2 three’s. A gap opened up and Sue & Kate never looked back. Final score 21-10

Sunday was a different day to start with in many ways. The sun forgot to shine and the wind began to blow but it was dry and we had a decent turn out.
Ladies 2 wood singles

A good game this, Val took the early lead, but Kate came back at her, it was 11-10 after 12 ends. Kate then started to collect 2’s with Val replying with 1’s. After 22 ends it was 19-16 in favour of Kate. The next two ends Kate got consecutive ones to win it 21-16.
Men’s Pairs

Another good game. The early stages were quite even, the rink proving challenging to both sides. At halfway it was 10 -7 to Alan & Gary. Then the wheels fell off slightly. Matt got a bit of luck to make a four and Jeremy & Matt took the lead holding on for 14-11 after 14 ends. Gary & Alan dug in and scored 10 shots without reply to make it 21-14 with 3 ends to go. Jerry & Matt rallied slightly but not enough. Gary & Alan ran out winners 22-16.
Maiden Handicap Singles. 

Malcolm started with a slight advantage of one shot on the handicap. He pushed home this advantage to lead 8-7 after 10 ends. (the handicap system working well!) It was fairly close for the next few ends until Michael picked up a full house of 4 on the 15th end to lead 15-10.
A rally of 4 shots for Malcolm over the next 2 ends but it wasn’t quite enough and Michael closed out the game 21-14.
Ladies 4 Wood singles

Kate found herself in her 3rd final and the first few ends proved tight. Kate settled into the game and after 10 ends she led Anne by two, 8-6. The next seven ends saw Kate win 11 shots to Anne’s one. At 17 ends the score was 19-7 to Kate. Anne tried to get back but Kate got the two she needed to win 21-12.
Men’s 4 wood Singles (the white final)

Peter was on sparkling form and romped into a 16-2 lead after 13 ends. Alan had no reply. But then.......3 ones put some assemblance of fight into Alan’s bowling. Peter scored 2 on the 17th end to get to 18. But Alan just wouldn’t roll over and he kept getting one wood in there. Pete picked up another 2 and it should have been over....but Alan got another 8 shots to get back to 14 then Peter put a great shot right on the jack and it ended a spirited rearguard action. Peter won 21-14.
Entered Pairs

Matthew went into his 2nd pair’s final of the day, the clouds parted and the sun began to shine. Rusty and Matty went into a 10-3 lead with ease. But then they got stuck on 10 for 6 ends. At 13 ends the score was 15 -10 to Roy & Dennis. Rusty & Matt won the next two ends to make it 15-13. Seven shots by Roy & Dennis over the next 4 ends ended any fight back and Roy & Dennis won the game 22-14.
Junior singles

The best was saved for last. Two 11 year olds set the bowls green alight! Daniel Phillips & Thomas Best had a wonderful game. This game had everything. The score to’d & fro’d they both played some fantastic shots. They showed respect and sportsmanship in equal measure and they proved that maybe this bowls club has a future!!
The early exchanges went slightly in Toms favour and he led 8-4 after 8 ends. Daniel rallied and dug deep to pull back to 10-13 after 13 ends. The next three ends saw Tom drawing with his last wood to save 2 & 3 shots and get one each time. Just as Daniel thought it was slipping away he hit back with a full house of four and it was game on again. Tom got a two and Dan followed that with a three. The scores were 17 to Dan, 18 to Tom. All to play for.
They had played 19 ends, bearing in mind they only ever usually play 6 or 7 ends this was unchartered territory. But they both showed maturity beyond their years and fought out a great finale. Tom drew one to take him to 19. Dan, who wears his heart on his sleeve, had held 3 when Tom drew in!. What proved to be the last end saw Tom draw two good shots and Dan played weight without success.
There were tears at the end and that was just me!! I was so proud of the boys I can’t find words to express it.   The Junior cup was presented at the end of the game to a worthy winner Tom Best. The score 21-17.
Senior Singles
Kate was declared the winner as Dennis conceded.

Overall a lovely finals weekend, thank you to everyone who helped the markers the finalists and all those who came to watch. And for a lovely meal afterwards. Gorgeous.

A fitting end to a great club competitions season. See you all to do it again next year.

Thank you.
Alan Blackley
Competitions sec and (very proud) Junior Sec.


Saturday 14th Sept.

After many hours watching the weather forecast on every channel available as well as the internet, finals swung into being with a 10.30am start and the Mens Drawn Pairs final.

The two teams were Alistair Reid and Alan Blackley versus John Sims and Matthew Hewitt. The early part of the game John & Matty didn't turn up, I think they were still in bed waiting an alarm call as after 6 ends it was 10-1 to the two Als. But maybe they got a bit complacent cos John & Matt fought back to take the lead at 11 ends 13-10.
A good end by both Als saw them score a four on the 12th end and it was enough to wake them up.  John & Matt scored only one more shot before calling it a day after the 18th end with the score at 25-14. A win for the two Als.

At 11.30 the Senior singles final started, I felt it only fair to give them an extra hour in bed, Paul Holland was looking to win his first ever final at Needingworth and dent Peter's push for four titles this year. Again Paul was left sleeping and was soon 10 -1 down at 5 ends. Peter is nothing if not consistent and this showed through with a score of 15-5 after 10 ends. Paul was to score only two more and Peter took his first step to his foursome winning the senior singles 21-7.

A short  lunch break and it was back to business, the Ladies 4 wood final saw a repeat of the Friday Final (the forgotten final) of the 2 wood singles. In which June Parietti had vanquished Thelma Reid 21-17. damn those noisy lawnmowers!!!!
Back to the 4 wood. It just wasn't Thelmas day, June pushed home her advantage leading 10-1 at 9 ends. The highest score was one three by June on the 10th end. So although the score didn't maybe reflect it, this was fairly tight in places. June ran out the eventual winner by 21-7 and claimed the double singles title among the ladies.

Another 2.30 start was the Mens 2wood final.
Peter Hutchinson & Alan Blackley went into their 2nd final of the day. It was an epic. 29 ends of nip and tuck bowls. It was very even throughout at 11 ends it was 7 all. Peter then got a four shot lead over the next few ends with Alan unable to close that gap. At 19 ends it was 14-10 to Peter. Then Alan managed to put a few winning ends together to  get back to 15 all at 24 ends.  26 ends it was all square again at 17 all. This had 20 all written all over it.
Alan then got one to go ahead 18-17. Then the pivotal end. In every game there is a moment when you either win or lose, sometimes that is very early on but in this game it was the 28th end. Alan bowled one of the best bowls he has bowled this season to draw the jack clean off of Peters toucher and sit one shot to the good only for Peter with his last wood to reclaim the jack and play Alans wood out with a stunning shot to score two and be within arms reach of victory. The last end showed the small margins between success and defeat with Alan needing to drag the jack back a foot for two but was just a quarter of an inch too tight and instead pushed the jack to Peters two woods for him to win. 21-18, a further step towards world domination.

The day wasn't done yet at 3.00pm Alistair Reid took to the green for his second final of the day to play Sharon Valentine in the Handicap singles. Sharon had a two shot advantage with her +5 handicap. Sharon took the first end but was struggling to find her length as she had just come back from holiday that morning. Alistair made up the handicap deficit and went ahead at 7 ends leading 12-6.
Sharon then started to get it together with 7 shots over the next 5 ends to only be 1 behind at 12 ends 14-13. Sharon finished strongly only allowing Alistair another two shots and finishing with two consecutive three's to win 21-16. Sharons first ever competition win. Well done.

SUNDAY 15TH -Very Early 9.30am

The early start to allow for the Funday Bowling that would hopefully take place in the afternoon. To be fair the sun was out and it was lovely first thing. There were two pairs finals.
The Entered Pairs saw Peter Hutchinson & Alan Blackley team up against Substitute John Stevenson & Mike Norris. John had stepped in for Rusty who was unwell. The game was a well fought affair with some decent shots from both sides. With two of the clubs best draw bowlers playing lead in both teams the heads were always quite close so it was up to the skips to test their running game. Mike played some very good running shots in the early stages keeping it quite close early doors, but eventually Peter & Alan established a small lead which they didn't relinquish and ran out comfortable winners. Peter was up to three.

The Ladies marathon ...sorry I mean Pairs was a three hour epic which came down to the last bowl!! Sophie Purell & Sharon Valentine took on Thelma Reid, in her third final of the weekend, & Kate Carpenter. The lengths that Sophie's game has developed this season was shown with Sophie playing skip against Kate with Sharon & Thelma  leading. It really was a ding dong doo of a game. 4 all after 5 ends. Three ones and a two putting Sophie & Sharon ahead 9-5 at 10 ends. At 14 ends it was 10 all. Kate & Thelma started to take control and must have thought they had done enough going ahead 16-10 at 17 ends.
But it was far from over, Sophie & Sharon fought back to 15-16 down with one end to play. We all stood watching as the last end developed. Sharon had three bowls two feet behind the jack Thelma held shot. With Sophie's third wood she played onto the jack pushing it into Sharons three woods to hold three. Kate missed with her next wood. With Sophie's last wood she drew on the big swinging hand on rink two perfectly and drew the shot, Rusty nearly burst with pride!! Kate had one wood left. As Mick says the danger wood is always the one in your hand and so it proved. Sitting four down and so a losing position the only shot open to Kate was to promote Thelma's wood which was 18 inches short of the jack as there was a wall of short woods two feet in front . Kate picked it out perfectly and Thelma's wood rolled onto the jack and gave them the win thus shattering Sophie's dream of winning the title. Kate & Thelma won 17-15. But on this showing Sophie is a skip for the future despite her young years.

The Junior singles final saw last years winner Thomas Best against ex president Sam Sillett's grandson George Sillett. It was raining by now and the boys struggled with the conditions. But the concentration was there and coupled with a will to win made for a good game. After 10 ends it was 8 all.  George seemed to get a bit of form together then and went ahead at 17 ends 16-10. After explaining (again) it was first to 21 not 21 ends the boys got back down to it and Tom picked up getting back to 16-18 behind. George drew two beauties to get within one of the win on the next end and then closed it out on the 25th end with a good wood ending Toms time as winner and taking the trophy 21-16. Well done boys yet another good quality final from the juniors.

The last final of the weekend was the Mens 4Wood singles. With the weather closing in and the rain starting to fall Jim Daniel took on Peter Hutchinson, this being Peter's fourth final of the weekend. Having won the other three Peter was looking to make it a full house.  The game started but Jim fell ill and couldn't continue on. Conceding to Peter with the score at 16-0. Peter had his fourth win. If only he had a shorter name! the honours board will cost a fortune!!

Overall a great weekend the weather didn't stop us getting it all played off even if it maybe put off some of the spectators, as numbers were down heavily on last year.
Well done to all the winners and commiserations to the losers, there is always next year. See you all at the dinner dance for the presentation of trophies.

Many Thanks

Alan Blackley

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