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2012 League standings

This page reflects the results of the various teams representing the club.

Mens league 'A' team.   v  Somersham A  won 5-2

                                     v  Brampton C won    4-3

                                     v  Hemingford A lost   2-5

                                     v   Huntingdon A  lost  2-5 

                                     v  White Hart A  lost   0-7

                                     v  Sawtry A  Won       6-1 

                                     v  St Neots A  Won    5-2

                                     v   St Ives A  Lost 3-4

                                     v   St Ives A  Won 5-2

                                     v   Somersham Lost 2-5

                                     v  Brampton C Lost 2-5  

                                     v   Hemingford A Lost 3-4 

                                     v   Brampton A Lost 2-5

                                     v   Huntingdon A Lost 2-5

                                     v    White Hart A Lost 2-5 

                                     v   Brampton A   Lost 0-7 

                                     v   St Neots A Lost 0-7

                                     v   Sawtry A Lost 2-5

                                    A team finish with 47 points 7th place and safety in league division one.  



Mens league 'B' team     v  Eynebury D   won  7-0

                                      v St Neots D    won  5-2

                                      v  Houghton & wyton B  won  7-0

                                      v  St Neots C   won 7-0

                                      v  Papworth C  lost 0-7

                                      v   Hemingford C   won 5-2

                                      v   Eaton Socon C  lost 2-5

                                      v   Huffton & wuffton B lost 2-5

                                      v  Hemingford C  Lost 0-7

                                      v  Buckden B lost 2-5

                                      v  Eaton Socon C won 4-3

                                      v  Buckden B  won 5-2

                                      v  Huntingdon C won 7-0

                                      v  Eynesbury C Lost 2-5

                                      v   Eynesbury C Won 7-0

                                      v  Eynesbury D  Won 5-2

                                      v  St Neots D   Won 5 -2

                                      v  Sawtry C    Lost  3 - 4

                                      v  St Neots C   Lost 2 - 5

                                      v  Papworth C won 7-0

                                      v  Huntingdon C Won 7-0 

                                      v  Sawtry C Won 5-2

                          B team finish with 95 points and 2nd place to secure promotion to division 3

Ladies League Team

                         The ladies team finished in third place in their division with 35 points. The winners had 37 points and second place had 36 points. so it was very close. A good season for our ladies just missing out on promotion by 1 point.                                                                 


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